Uranium Jewelry

Like all Lobby jewelry, our buyers like to choose vendors that are not just aesthetically appealing in design but hold an immense passion, drive, and story behind it. Founded and based in Montreal, Uranium‘s collections are designed and inspired with a drive for the human spirit, its evolution, behavior, values, and the adaptation to its surroundings. Their mantra “Positively Energized” symbolizes the effort and joy they put into each and every piece they create, which in turn, is passed on to everyone who supports Uranium

All Uranium products are assembled by hand, meaning every chain, ring, or leather piece is hand cut and plated. In this way, Uranium is able to create their own pieces to their needs to provide that unique value in each jewelry. 




Rhythm Girls Do It Better

To all the girls that surround themselves with fashion and an outdoor lifestyle, Rhythm is responding to you with their new women’s Summer 13′ collection. This collection speaks a vintage retro feel with a modern touch. These items can be mixed and matched in any way; consisting of simple styles and design that can bring a beautiful emphasis to your summer wardrobe. 


Check out the Rhythm Girls Summer 2013 Lookbook video below:




Rhythm Livin USA


Rhythm has become a growing brand that strives to “bring together a unique group of designers, artists, musicians, surfers, and snowboarders with a shared dream of creating a livelihood doing what they love”. 

Take a sneak peak into what Rhythm USA is all about in their Summer Lookbook video below:


In the world of art, music, and lifestyle, Lobby greatly endorses Rhythm in catering to those creative individuals. Stop by Lobby to take a glance at Rhythm’s Summer 13′ collection of light button ups, individual board shorts, tank tops, and tees!







Are you a hoarder of drop crotch styles and modern basics? Known for their technical & futuristic designs, LOBBY is proud to be holding select items from Skingraft’s Spring 13′ line. Image

With a collection of loosely fitted tees, shirt hoodies, and drop crotch pants, layering is crucial! With just some of these LOBBY basics, create yourself a SKINGRAFT look.